Safer at Home BINGO

Safer at Home BINGO – May 1st to May 30th 2020

Let’s have some fun with a “Safer at Home” BINGO game. BINGO cards are $20 each. Starting on May 1st and running through May 29th, we will be calling BINGO numbers various ways – weekly email updates, Facebook live events, Facebook posts and even putting them into orders either mailed or picked up curbside. You will get tickets in a draw for prizes with every “BINGO” you get. We will have a live drawing for at least 15 prizes on Saturday May 30th at 2 PM. Every BINGO card can be redeemed for $20 on a sale of $50 or more from September 1 – October 31, 2020. So, you lose NOTHING, get to have some fun during these strange times and have a chance to win some GREAT prizes! Call the store or email to order your BINGO board(s). Basic info for how numbers will be revealed is shown below.

Facebook LIVE 5-9-20 “Poster” with information

Facebook LIVE 5-14-20 “Poster” with information

BINGO Numbers from FB LIVE events: B-2, B-11, I-19, I-26, I-30, N-44

BINGO Numbers from FB posts – G-52, G-59, B-6